Any donations made to RCF go to the following categories:

1) Personal support for Downard family – Rory, Tseli and their son Joshua.  This is for their personal use and includes boarding and lodging, medical expenses, transport, communication (cell phones and internet) and other such needs.  Currently they are using their personal support to fund current projects.  

2) Funding for Rutanang Community Foundation. We have projects to which you can donate either by monetary donations or through in-kind donations.  If you have supplies that can be donated to any of the projects below please contact us to sort out transportation.  

Community Centre Construction and Site Projects

  • Purchasing the piece of the land for our community centre (We have recently received a generous donation which will cover the full amount of the land)
  • Community Centre building project - building materials and labor costs
  • Fencing the land - we can start building the centre and gardening to help feed the community once a fence is in place
  • Bore hole/Well - Currently there is no running water in the homes of Nk'hu-Nk'hu.  Water must be collected from the tap daily, each tap serves twenty households.  During drought conditions, people must walk further to find water and often queue for water before the sun comes up.  A borehole will provide a more reliable, cleaner water supply for the village. 

Furnishing the Community Centre

  • Administration Area- desks, tables, chairs, fax machine, photo copying machine, projector
  • Kitchen and Ablutions
  • Counseling Room- chairs and tables
  • Common Area - couches and coffee table
  • Library - books and library equipment (the only library is in the capital, Maseru, which is 120 km away from Nk'hu-Nk'hu) 
  • Computers lab - computers, chairs and tables
  • Sports and Recreation Facilities - swings, jungle gyms, soccer balls, tennis ball, sporting cones, etc.

Educational Support Projects

  • Life skills trainings in schools
  • Teacher trainings
  • Support Early Childhood Development
  • Bursaries for Secondary Education- Secondary and high schools in Lesotho are very expensive and many students drop out due to the costs
  • Computer literacy programme

Community Development Projects

  • High school scholarships - a number of youth drop out of school due to financial challenges as high school education is not free in Lesotho
  • Life skills & leadership trainings for youth in the community
  • Life skills holiday clubs
  • Trainings for adults in the community on things such as working with youth, healthy living, and financial literacy
  • Income generating activities - sewing machines, farming tools, seeds, poultry,  butchery equipment
  • Career counselling for youth in the community

If you have any inquiries regarding our budget or making a donation please contact our office at  Any and all donations are welcome and will greatly benefit RCF's initiatives and projects in rural Lesotho.